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At GCM Safety & Security Pte Ltd (GCM Safety & Security), we are committed to providing an exceptional security guard service in Singapore, catering to properties of all sizes. Our comprehensive services address diverse client needs, allowing them to focus on their operations, feel secure, detect suspicious activities, and safeguard their assets and people from fire, theft, and potential assault.

Residential Security

Apartments | Car Parks | Condominium | Hotels | Service Apartments

At GCM Safety & Security, we prioritise your peace of mind and safety within your residential property - whether it is an apartment, condominium, or any other property. Our team of dedicated service apartment security guards is equipped to protect your property and residents, ensuring that all your safety and security requirements are met with the utmost care and satisfaction.

Apartments, car parks, condominiums, hotels, and service apartments are subject to common security threats like assaults, break-ins, burglaries, theft, and vandalism. As each property and community is unique, we customise our security service accordingly. Our approach to security and safety services in Singapore revolves around recognising the individual characteristics of your homes and residents, ensuring our tailored solutions address your specific security needs with precision and care.

Commercial Security

Shopping Complexes | Commercial Buildings

When it comes to trustworthy commercial building security guards, GCM Safety & Security is the name you can rely on. For over two decades, our experts have been delivering competent and professional security services to commercial buildings and shopping complexes across the island, making us one of the top security company agencies in Singapore.

Our security guard service can assist businesses effectively reduce and mitigate security risks.We enforce property policies and regulations, maintain meticulous visitor logs, and closely monitor any suspicious behaviour. In addition, our experienced team is well-equipped to promptly report security incidents to the appropriate authorities and proficiently handle a wide range of security challenges, ensuring a safe and secure environment for your business.


Industrial Security

Factories | Warehouses | Exhibitions

At GCM Safety & Security, we provide security services to diverse industrial establishments, including exhibitions, factories, and warehouses. Our security measures for these properties  focus on safeguarding valuable equipment, machines, and tools in these sites.

Utilising the latest technology and advanced security systems, our reliable security guard service in Singapore ensures optimal protection. With our highly skilled and trained officers, we can confidently handle any security issue with expertise and dedication, keeping your premises and assets safe and secure.

Government Security

Government Establishments | Statutory Boards

With the sheer number of security threats that the government faces today, GCM Safety & Security is dedicated to protecting different government establishments and statutory boards. As a statutory board security company, we specialise in detecting and deterring potential threats, ensuring prompt and effective responses to urgent security needs. With GCM Safety & Security as their security partner, government establishments and statutory boards can rest assured that their security is in capable hands, allowing them to focus on their crucial roles in serving the nation and its citizens.


Manning Guard Room

Monitoring Lift And Fire Alarm From Command Centre

Patrolling And Monitoring Car Park

Industry Recognition

Our commitment to excellence in the industry is evident through our attainment of the globally recognised ISO 9001:2008 Certification, as well as our strong collaborations with various trade associations and agencies. These esteemed accreditations serve as indicators of our unwavering dedication to our line of business and the high standards we maintain in all aspects of our operations. As one of the few security guard companies in Singapore with this prestigious honour, we are committed to maintaining excellence in our safety and security service.

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Entrust us with your homes or buildings, and we will ensure your complete protection at all times. Our dedicated team of security guards will maintain a vigilant watch over your property, leaving no room for any issues to disrupt your peace of mind.

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